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Centerpiece tall white purple pink 150x150 Rain and Snow and Flowers ohh myCan we have a more crazy Spring?  Last time I posted we just came off a perfect spring day with weather around 70, then after that the floor dropped out.  Will the snow ever end? It’s so hard to be in that Spring spirit with snow flurries isn’t it?  At least I have my flowers to keep things fresh and beautiful around me.  I had two wonderful jobs last weekend with another pair on he docket for this weekend and I realized I hadn’t even gotten last weeks pictures posted.

bouquet pink white tulip 150x150 Rain and Snow and Flowers ohh myThe first job was at The Manor in West Orange with the second at Brettonwoods in Morris Plains.  While I won’t have complete pictorials up till after this weekend, I wanted to throw a few of the nicer ones on the post.

Bridal bouquet pink white wild flowers cu 150x150 Rain and Snow and Flowers ohh mySo much still to do this weekend, will try to keep everything up to date and all my great friends and followers int he loop on all the beautiful creations we are making this Spring at Where Flowers Bloom.

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